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One must have a dream on their future because without dream no one will get highly motivation to achieve their future dream. But don`t keep on dreaming, wake up and do something to make sure your future dream come true.

The only way to build our great future success is by building our self to be smart, highly motivated, highly skill. Smart and motivation is three important factor for your future success. But no one born smart and have high motivation. Being smart and highly motivated will need a time and process to build it. So make sure that you are full fill the time and process to be smart and highly motivated.

Motivation build from your life habit. Your environment or how you interacted with other will influence your mentality. But I can`t speak too much about motivation. Today I want to discuss on how you have to be smart is.

To be smart will take time and process. One must learn hard level by level until they be smart person. So educated your self. The only places that help people to be smart is school and university. As a student you will have your research paper as you obligation. Your research paper will show how educated you are.

We can say that “after you are learning on something you must capable to show that you are mastering what you have learn” and your writing task will show your level. So make sure you the best with your writing task. It`s your key success as a student. If you are success as a student it means you are half way to your great future success. Got it ????

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