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To be success person is not easy. There is a lot of success requirement that we have to full fill. There 2 important factor on how to be successful person first is BRAIN and the second is MENTALITY. We have to make sure that we can combine those tow important successful factor equally.

If you have smart brain but low mentality attitude is useless. Positive mentality attitude is very important, many people achieve their great success because they have high level of positive mental attitude and their brains are not too smart. But if you are capable combine of high level of your brain and high level of positive mental attitude, it is 100% guarantee that you will achieve your great future success.

Mentality attitude you can learn by following someone which has high level of positive mental attitude. But to deal with your brain, you have to be educated yourself. So going to a college to be student is the only way to shape your brain to highest level. So as a student your main obligation is learn hard. Try to memorize every science and try to understand of what you have learns. So you have to pay more attention while you are in class.

Beside learn hard as a student you must capable to show how high your knowledge during your study. The only way to implementations your knowledge during your study is by making a research paper, thesis, or dissertation of course the task will accord to your grade level. Make sure you made a good one, because if you want to achieve a good mark you have to give your best on your writing task.

Some of student capable to write on their own but some student are not. It maybe because of they are busy because of their side job, or because of they are really not good in writing. So the only way out from this problem is invite other parties or ask for help from other. But you have to make sure that you ask help from the professional expert to make sure your task is done well and not asking help just from ordinary parties which is not have the experience in this field.

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