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As a human for sure we are consumptive and productive creature. We all must make our own contribution to this life so by it we deserve to enjoy some goodness and fun in this life. But sometimes we have to pay for what we are not expected. Things like doctor bill, drug prescription and more are the thing that we are not expected but we have to pay it right ??? No one won’t get sick but it happen to everybody sometimes right ???

Lucky you if you have enough saving bank account or still have cash money in your pocket. But what you will do if your saving bank account or you did not have some cash left ???

Guess you have to borrow some money to other right ??? I know you have friends or relative that you can ask for help. But hey do not depend on person so much. They are not 100 % dependable. They are just ordinary human just like you, so they can have same problem too.

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