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Anthropology Tutoring OnlineAnthropology is a social science that studies about a culture from particular community. Anthropology is more focused on a single community or a people who are living in the same area.

Anthropology itself are divided into 4 categories:
- Socio-cultural anthropology is a study about people and their culture.
- Biological anthropology is a study about biodiversity in particular research on primates and the application of evolution theory.
- Linguistic anthropology is a study about the diversity of languages used by humans.
- Archaeology is a study about past cultures and historical heritage.

Anthropology Tutoring Online
While the benefits in studying anthropology are:
1. The ability to determine the pattern of human behavior in their social life and human behavior patterns in each ethnic group.
2. To know our position and role that we have to do in accordance with community expectations.
3. Expand our horizons about the social order of mankind throughout the world that have specificity in accordance with their local characteristics.
4. To find a variety of problems in our society and having a better sense about our community conditions and to be able to take an initiative to solve the problems that arise.

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