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Married it`s everybody wish for when they mature enough. Getting married it`s mean we get a company for a life time and it`s possible to get a son.

many people choose to get married with other gender just a few of us to choose married with same sex (If you are this kind a person I suggested tou to get on your knee and ask a forgiveness from god because it`s wrong dude )

Basicly almost everybody chose to get married with human but different with this dude come from Thailand, Satien Keukudrang who chose to get married with snake (phyton) which is he think that this phyton is ex girlfriend from his past life. (about 653 years ago).

Satien Keukudrang feels if he didn`t married this phyton he will be punished. So he married this snake and this snake will be get Keukudarng as her new family name so it`s gonna be Phyton Keukudrang...hehehe

Let`s we all hope and pray for Satien Keukudrang didn`t forget to feed his wife phyton Keukudrang, because if he forget to feed his wife...wuaahhhhhh Phyton Keukudrang...will take her husband for her dinner

Spirit from Satien it`s good...(spirit to keep his promise) buyt if we have the same spirit like Satien, What will U do if your ex girlfriend or boyfriend from your past life now is this :

Are U sure wants to married that monkey???

Source : Jawa Pos