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One night when i reorganize my room i found cool thing form my past...It`s Pretty Boy Floyd album....yea this is a cassete that i bought long time ago. I don`t remember exact time i bought this cassete, but from the cover album written that the record album recorded by Bill Jackson at Kajem Victory Studios, Philadelphia, PA May-June 1989 so the record already 19 years old now.

Pretty Boy Floyd player are Steve Summers (lead vocal), Kristy “Krash” Majors (Guitar), Vinnie Chas (Bass), Kari “The Mouth” Kane (drum) with 10 cool song like LEATHER BOYZ WITH ELECTRIC TOYS, ROCK & ROLL (IS GONNA SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE), WILD ANGELS, 48 HOURS, TOAST THE TOWN on Side 1 and side 2 there is ROCK AND ROLL OUTLAWS, ONLY THE YOUNG, THE LAST KISS, YOUR MAMA WON`T KNOW, I WANNA BE WITH YOU. This band bring messages to us to be young and free with their song and hard rock music but unfortunetly we are not young forever. We will grow old for sure and when we are older we will consider something more valuable. But i`m not saying that Pretty Boy Floyd didn`t give me a good time for listening their album...it`s fun.

It`s long time i didn`t listen this album maybe i grow old or maybe too busy to listen or to remember my past or maybe my heart not just for rock music again but grow for more different kind of music.

Music very important to our life because music bring colour to our life...music can make us happy, sad or mad and music can delivered message no matter how different we are. So listen a good music which is have good sound & good message to us and get good colour for our life and stop piracy!