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Dear our beloved investor, with this kind opportunity let us let you know that from now on the ATM scheme beside the administration charge from your bank, has been changed for all ATM holder from all bank accounts and everywhere. The new ATM scheme will be like this:
  1. Walk by your own feet take Rp 50.000,- zero charge
  2. Motorcycle take Rp 50.000,- the new charge is Rp 500 sometimes Rp 1000 depending on your ATM area.
  3. Car take Rp 50.000 the new charge Rp 1000 and can be Rp 2000 depending on your ATM area.

This kind new charge scheme for your ATM card doesn`t give us any obligation if you losing your car or your motorcycle in ATM area and for our thankfull tou you as our customer you just get a whistle blower from our service. It`s sound like this priiitttt...priiittt....priitt....go on....take the right side...ok its clear now bos...
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