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Now there is so much Idol show. many various idol show has been producing and everybody love this kind of show.

For the contestant they hope that they can be famous selebrity and get rich and for the audiens they just get entertaining nothing more.

If this kind of show been related to our progress in developing our country, i think this kind a show just give small contribution. Just the TV owner and the advertisment also sms provider who will get profit with this show.

To develop our country we need something to generate our development proggres like Investment, but in Indonesia investing is still hard to do many Indonesian people think that investment is just a game or gamble. Isn`t that weird?

Stock & forex it`s a part from investment market. Stock include in capital market and forex include in money market. To be as a investor in stock or forex needs good sklill and good mentality, it`s not a game. Warren Buffet, Jesse Livermorse, George Soros, Larry Williams they are great person in stock and money market. They never think that they playing a game there! So what about Indonesia? Are in Indonesia have great people like them? Hmmm I think we don`t have it?

If we don`t have it so we should nott be worried so much about hot money (fund that will be witdrawn if already reach the profit) which is one important factor to start monetary crisis. Because we are just a fool who think that investing in stock or forex is a game or gambling. At last get ready for our monetary crisis part 2, 3, 4, and more. heheheh