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Tashawwuf can be defined as a way to get pure love and spritually perfection or also can be defined moving from ordinary life to shufi life.

Beside that the meaning and ta`rif from the shufi leader & intellectual about Tashawwuf there is few argument :

1. Syekh Junaidi Al Baghdadi say : “Tashawwuf is your life situation must be with God with no excuse”
2. Syekh Ma`ruf Al Karokhi : “Tashawwuf is a way to find the essence of life and leave it all behind material things”
3. Dzun Nun Al Mishri : “Shufi is a person who never get tired and bored for looking for GOD and never complain about anything”
4. Sahal At Tastury : “Shufi is a person who is clean from sin and full of wisdom thinking and only focus to GOD only”
5. Ibnu Khaldun : “Tashawwuf it`s a syari`at science which grow from religion, only focus on praying for Allah, and only hope for mercy from Allah, and reject worl jewelry also hate to fooling around to other human, material things and worl glory, and always search the GOD way halwat & ibadat”
6. Bisyar Al Hafi : “Shufi is a person who already clean his heart and his heart just for Allah only”
7. Bardar bin Husin : “Shufi it`s a person who choseeAl Haq (Allah)just for himself only”
8. Abu Ali Ahmad Al Ruzbari : “Shufi it`s a person who dressing with shuf to clean his soul, and to feed his passion with bitternes, and throwing away the world under his chair, walk with his head down just likeRasul Mushthofah ”
9. Prof. DR.H.Abdul Karim Amrullah (HAMKA) : “Tashawwuf is a way to clean our soul from bad thing so we can easily to find a way to reach GOD”