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Blogging already been trend in life. So many reason which is encourage people to build a blog. But what will be happened in 40 – 50 years from now? Did all the bloggers becoming more advance, popular, richer, or what? In the future blogger will have so much problem and trouble!!! Do U wants to know what is look like your blog in the future???

It`s simple, if U wants to know about blogger in the future. Let say now average age from all blogger is between 20-30 years old now. Now imagine by yourself what is your blog lokks like when your age reach 40-50 years more? You will got a lot a trouble in blogging, because of :

1. There will be new posting because your hands shaking all the time so U can`t type your own article.
2. You will hardly can`t find your blog because you forgot your blog addres...hey wake up your to old 70-80 years old your memory notstrong enough now.
3. You can`t hardly can`t turn on your PC, because you can fin the switch...you`re just have minimum vision from your old eye.

But relax and stay cool, there is a tips that U can use...just give your blog to your grandson and let your grandson continuing blogging your blog...hehehe