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Cruel headline don`t you think? This article inspired by my own experience in blogging. This blog was made in march 08 so almost 3 month now, But i have two blog. The first blog was made on Nov 07 with special content and get page rank 2 and for Billah 9 still zero and I made this for various kind a thing that I want to write.

From nov 07 till now too many blog that I already visited but just few of them that I read their article and make some comment to response the article or to explore the blog. This day I think more about blogwalking activity what we can get from this activity?

Brutallity blogwalking means you blogwalking without pay attention about article you just leave a message in shoutbox and say “hey dude, how are u doing today?” or “Bloghopping” than you go away without explore the blog that you`ve been visiting. With this kind activity you just get traffic nothing more. It`s more like chating than blogging. Of course shoutbox still needed for a visitor who wants to leave a message which not related to the article. It`s still nice thing to do for asking “how are u doing today? or anything polite for the author.

Traffic it`s important because it`s means that the blog has a visitor and everyone will hope for it. Traffic that we get from brutality blogwalking will not give us anything. Think for more till when you keep on blogwalking so brutally? Till death do us a part? Or till when?

We must think more and trying the best we can to make good article which give value to our visitor and as a visitor it`s your loss if you`re not explore the blog that you`ve been visited and get some benefit from it. From what I learn there is no popular blog build from brutality blogwalking. Popular blog build from valuable content that attract people to come for more.

Blogging can give us good benefit if we do the blogging and blogwalking wisely. Think and trying make a good content for your blog and be a good visitor who explore the blog that you visited will give you more than just jump in around from one blog to another blog.

At last for the popularity, friends, money, or anything else that you hope for from blogging just give it to time and time will tell what will you get from blogging if you do it wisely.