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I feel so bored today...don`t know what I have to do to kick away this situation....but this blog makes me little bit happy? why? cause I`ve got so many visitor? or I receive check? or what????? So what gitu loh...Lho kok???

This blog give me little bit happines...in my boring spare time like now. But blogging cheer me up a little bit. With this blog I can write anything I want, also praticing my english and sometimes I`d like blogwalking to blog which is use english and try to read it. Sometimes It`s hard cause they use a lot slang words for they article.

But It`s still fun to do...If I get confused with their slang words I just leave a message in their shoutbox to ask the meaning that slang word that they use. So what U gonna do with your blog? are love your blog?...LONG LIVE BLOGGERSS...BLOGGERS KICK ASS...WHO IS SOMEBODY ASS DID U KICK TODAY????