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Great future start with great dream but beware do not keep on dreaming. Dreaming is just a start or as your trigger so you can move on to work hard achieves your dream future. More hard work will required equal with your level of dream future. Fair enough isn`t it ???

More high level of your dream future it means will need high level of education. Today there is no room for a fool. Every industry will need high level skilled person to work with. It all because today business is running so fast so talented person are needed. So the main question is How to be high level smart people ???

The only way is just bay taking a higher education. The level of your study will show how smart you are. Today minimum level of education that most industry need is bachelor degree or master so you must go to university to achieve it.

As a student in university is very different than when you are in junior high school or senior high school. University student will have to write for their own research. Every university will assign their student for research task as semester task or final test.

That kind of task will show how smart you are because you have to make research, gathering data, make proper analysis and make some conclusion than write it all together. After your research or essay is done you will have test from some professor to make sure that you write a proper essay. So make sure you write a good essay to past the test and achieve a high mark for your essay. Your mark from your essay will show who you are. So if you wan to make your dream future come true just make sure you make a good essay.

For most of student making an essay can be though. Especially for student who have a side job. It is for sure they are busy so they did not have enough time to write by their self. Other causes in essay task failure are because not every student has good skill in writing.

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