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I`m so shock by Google page rank update this early month. Two times Google update his page rank system, it seems now Google make some new system in his page rank algorithm.

To us as a Blogger that join in make money online program as a publisher by selling link or blog post, the moment when google update his page rank always be scary moment. Google count his page rank based on ratio between link in : link out.

For sure me and other Blogger that making more money as publisher will have so many link out in our blog. There are two way that I always do to maintain my page rank. First is by make some dummy blog and by commenting or exchange link with other blog to maintain link in and link out ratio to my blog.

But unfortunately because I have too many blog, it seems I can not manage them all very well so today 1 blog with PR 3 goes to N/A and 1 blog down to 2 from 3. I`m still ordinary human you see :)

Using dummy blog is just my way but the truth about page rank algorithm no one know for sure how to get it and how to maintain it. I just can give my best shoot. So how about you in this google updated season??? Hope Google did not make you down friends :)