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Beside good blog statistic like google page rank, blog language will have important role on make money online program. We can not deny that until today many advertiser comes outside Indonesia and English is world main language.

So today I come to decision to change this blog basic language from Indonesia to English. I`m very sorry about this change but I think I have to change it. One of my friends gives me some advice that it might be I will be loosing traffic or friends if I do this.

Why my friends give that kind advice???

First, I`m not fluent in English so there is big possibility that I made you confuse to read my article (I hope not) I will give my best shot.

Second, competing in search engine rank in English will be harder than in Indonesian language. In Indonesian language it is already hard to get high rank in search engine.

Maybe you all already notice that Indonesian languages are in the third position in wordpress user and English is in first position. So you can imagine how hard it could be if we decide to compete in English language.

But I think we will not know if we not try it, True isn`t it???

At last I admit that I made this change for the money reason and I am very sorry about it. But I am still love this country even this country doesn`t give big opportunity in make money online business. Once again I am very sorry if these changes make you are no longer comforts for visiting my blog.

Wismilak...you see I`m still stupid blogger that can not spell wish me luck correctly :D